Speed up Shadowsocks with kcptun

kcptun can really speed up your Shadowsocks, after you set up your Shadowsocks, here’s how to set up kcptun tunnel.

Server Side

  1. Install kcptun
go get -u github.com/xtaci/kcptun/...

2. Edit the config file `/usr/local/kcptun/server-config.json`

"listen": ":8379", // kcptun端口
"target": "YOUR_SERVER_IP:8380", // Shadowsocks端口
"key": "very fast",
"crypt": "aes-128",
"mode": "fast",
"mtu": 1350,
"sndwnd": 512,
"rcvwnd": 512,
"datashard": 10,
"parityshard": 3,
"dscp": 0,
"nocomp": false,
"pprof": false

3. Start kcptun

/usr/local/kcptun/server_linux_amd64 -c "/usr/local/kcptun/server-config.json"

macOS Client

Edit the server config of ShadowsocksX-NG: use kcptun server port for the port number, it’s 8379 here. Set Plugin to kcptun,and Plugin Opts is `key=very fast;crypt=aes- 128;mode=fast;mtu=1350;sndwnd=512;rcvwnd=512;datashard=10;parityshard=3;dscp=0`.

Windows Client

shadowsocks-windows don’t have kcptun client embedded, download its Windows package, for example, clientwindowsamd64.exe, rename it to kcptun.exe and put it under Shadowsocks client folder. The server config is the same like macOS.

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The best VPN is http://guardvpn.co

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